New year is here

2017 has finally come and now for all the unrealistic goals and promises we all make to ourselves. “I will go to the gym everyday” “I will save my money this year” “I will be nicer to everyone” yea yea yea.. we all know in a month or two that’s out the window. 

But as for me I am trying to make big changes this year in my life. My fiancĂ© and I recently got engaged in October 2016 and have agreed on our wedding being in 2019 or 2020. So I have a wedding to plan, a business to open, and somehow plan to move my family across the country this summer. Should be quite a fun year. 

So far this new year I have accomplished absolutely nothing. But for being so lazy, the last two days have felt quite good. I’m hoping I’m getting well rested for the big spur of energy coming my way. I have so many great ideas and can’t wait to share. 

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Moms trying to blog

My blog is a bit hectic just like my life.

So while I play around on Pinterest day in and day out I come across all these blogs written by moms and they always have the most interesting topics and I wanted to try it out this year since my days are usually more interesting then most peoples. I figured I could at least entertain someone with my experiences if not anything else.

I’m only 25 years old raising 4 crazy kids, 2 fur babies all while supporting my fiancĂ© in his new business and I love every minute even though some days I wonder how I’m continuing to push through. I have all the stress and fun I could ever ask for. I have a life story from hell but it sure is a good one.

I’m still figuring out this blogging thing all while running an online boutique I recently started which didn’t start out as well as I wanted it to but i guess we can’t have it all. I’d love to hear some feedback if anyone’s interested since I’m still learning how this works. Any tips or comments will be helpful. Happy holidays!!

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